Morristown Farmer’s Market open for business

Morristown, TN– The Morristown Farmers Market opened May 15th and we anticipate continued success for the market. To date, we have numerous farm and craft vendors from Hamblen, Jefferson, Grainger and Hawkins counties who will be participating this year.

Returning favorites include Holt Farm operated by Trish Holt Haney and the Holt family; Hipsher Farm operated by Jeff and Tammy Hipsher; Morgan Farm operated by Tony, Tammy and Dillion Morgan; Appalachian Bakery operated by Wayne and Cindy McFall; Clip Clop Candle Shop operated by Christina Adams; Little Lambs Florist operated by Afton Plummer and her Mom, Linda; Barbara’s Hair Bows handmade by Barbara Crites; Southern Select Meats operated by Robin Dyal; Honey Creek Farm operated by Jason Burrows; and Sara’s Garden Farm operated by Doreen Patrick. New to the market this year are D & B Farms operated by Dillion and Brittany Morgan, Cindy’s Planters operated by Cindy McFall, and Orchard Creek Farm operated by Cindy Laney.

Some farmers are there Monday through Saturday, and some are only there on Fridays or Saturdays. So, the best advice is to come by the market and get to know the farmers, crafters, and bakers. The market is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

On Saturday, the hours are 8 am to 3 pm unless there is a special event. Events planned to date are the Old School Party on May 20, Family Movie Night on July 28, National Farmers Market Week Celebration on August 12, the Farm to Table Dinner on September 10, and American Craft Week Recognition on October 7. Other events are in the works and will be announced when plans are more finalized.

The market is managed on behalf of and in accordance with the ordinances of the City of Morristown by the Crossroads Downtown Partnership, the certified Main Street program for the City. “Based on the number of phone calls already received, lots of folks are anticipating the start of the Morristown Farmers Market on May 15th and to be able to quickly spread the latest market information, please ‘like’ the Morristown TN Farmers Page | 2 Market Facebook Page.

According to Barbara Garrow, Market Manager, this page will have the latest information on what is being sold at the market and other useful details.” Continued this year is the SNAP and Fresh Savings double up program.

For those customers with SNAP cards, the market will be procession SNAP and Fresh Savings transactions from 10 am to 2 pm on every Friday and Saturday after the market opens (starting Friday May 19th).

For every dollar spent off your SNAP card, another dollar worth of tokens is provided at no cost. For example, if you swipe $20 off your SNAP card, you receive $20 worth of SNAP tokens to spend on any SNAP-eligible item such as fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, poultry, and plants like tomato plants that produce edibles. You’ll also receive $20 worth of Fresh Savings tokens that can be spent on fruits and vegetables only. Your total for a cost of $20 is $40 in tokens to spend at the market on eligible items. $40 worth of tokens to spend that are good throughout the market season. SNAP tokens are valid for fruits, vegetables, plants like tomato plants that produce edibles, bread, meat and poultry.

Fresh Savings tokens can only be spent on fruits and vegetables. This program has been so helpful for local families and farmers – over $2000 a month in tokens was distributed last year. We even have folks, including seniors, coming to the Morristown Farmers Market from throughout the region in order to shop and the market and, if eligible, use their SNAP benefit,” according to Barbara Garrow, Market Manager. Producers at the market also take the Senior Nutrition Vouchers in July and August that are distributed by the Hamblen County Health Department.

These vouchers are only good for locally grown fruits and vegetables, and recipients have to be Hamblen County residents age 60 or older, and meet certain income thresholds to qualify. Local Senior Centers also have information available if you are interested in applying for these vouchers. The Morristown Farmers Market with the new park next to the pavilion is a great asset to historic downtown Morristown. Buy your lunch, shop at the market and enjoy sitting outside at the new park. Take a lunch break, throw a Frisbee, and make the market and Farmers Market Park one of your favorite destinations. Plans are for the park’s completion this month. # # # If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Barbara Garrow at 423-312-1476 or email at