Two arrested in Morristown murder

MORRISTOWN (WATE) — Nicholas Matthew Roberts, 29, and Brandon Kyle Harville, 34, were arrested and charged with second degree murder Sunday morning.
Antonio Dewayne Yarbrough was shot in the upper thigh in a residence on Tulip Street. The shooting occurred around 11:30pm Friday night. Yarbrough was transported to UT Medical Center where he later died.

Investigators believe the suspects went looking for the victim before shooting him and dragging him out of the home and into the yard beating him. The suspects then fled the scene.

Police believe this could be related to illegal drug activity.

Roberts was arrested in Mohawk, and Harville was arrested in Bull Gap.

Morristown police chief Roger Overholt praised his officers for their work in catching the two suspects, “these officers worked long hours to track down every lead. They interviewed multiple individuals and examined a great deal of evidence over the past two days to put the pieces together in this case.”