22 puppies found on the side of the road in Bean Station

BEAN STATION, Tenn. (WATE) – Almost two dozen puppies were dumped and are now in need of a forever home. The people caring for them right now say it’s a huge undertaking and they’re reaching out hoping for help from the public.

All 22 puppies are relatively healthy but rescuers aren’t sure where the litters came from.

“They’re a bunch of loving dogs,” said Carolyn Seaman with Grainger County Humane Society.

She’s fostering the 22 puppies right now and believes they’re three different litters coming from one owner,

“It looks like there are some that’s maybe 11 weeks some that are 8 or 9 weeks and some that are maybe 6 to 7 weeks,” Seaman said.

This weekend, volunteers, like Tammy Carper, got the call to come pick up the puppies on Shady Lane.

“Once they got tired it was easier to catch them,” she said.

But days later it’s emotions catching up with Carper, “That night I cried. I had some good crying, I didn’t have time to cry here but I cried that night.”

“It’s sad because they can all be very sweet dogs. We see that every time we pick up a puppy,” said Seaman.

Grainger County’s Humane Society says they’ll likely never know who dumped the puppies.

“I just wish they would’ve gotten a hold of somebody,” added Seaman.

While the puppies are healthy, the organization needs supplies like blankets, food, toys, and much more.

“With this many dogs, there are going to be some vet bills, a lot of vaccinations,” added Seaman.

Carper has been coming by the temporary shelter twice a day knowing that a home for the puppies isn’t too far away, “I look at them and they’re just blossoming. It’s like a miracle.”

The puppies will be up for adoption in the next two weeks, They’ll need to be spayed or neutered and then receive their second round of shots.

We’re told there are 11 males and 10 female puppies available and adoption forms are on the Grainger County Humane Society’s website. If you’d like to donate supplies, make a financial donation, or apply to adopt one of the puppies, you can visit GCHS’ website by clicking here.