Lakeway murder suspect appears in court

(WGRV) A man charged with first-degree murder appeared in court Monday for another criminal motions hearing.

Erick Eugene Jones Jr. is charged with the murder of two girls in December 2015. The two sides, Jones’ lawyers and the State, went over evidence for the case.

Jones’ lawyers requested blurring out Jones’ pants in a reenactment video that will be used for evidence. In the video, there are allegedly pictures of marijuana leaves on Jones’ pants.

The state agreed to have them blurred if possible.

J. Russell Pryor, one of Jones’ lawyers, said that a phone call between Jones and his mother that will be used as evidence contains a lot of hearsay. His mother discusses his incarceration, which Jones’ lawyers do not want influencing the jury.

Judge John F. Dugger Jr. said that the video would not be redacted, however, he will give special instruction to the jury about what to pay attention to in the video.

Dugger also ordered for the medical records of the two girls to be unsealed and copies to be made for both sides.

Jones’ jury trial is scheduled for September 17.