Jail inmate barricades himself at Cherokee Park, threatens suicide

Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnagin says that a jail inmate stormed a maintenance building at Cherokee Park on Friday morning and barricaded inside.  The man, identified as Randall Greene, threatened to set himself on fire and blow the building up.

Greene is part of the county’s trustee program and was assigned to work detail at the building where he had access to gasoline and diesel fuel.  Greene had also poured gas on himself and told the sheriff he had planned to set himself on fire.

Jarnigan says Greene called dispatch and made the threats.  Jarnigan and four other deputies responded to the scene and discovered Greene did try to light a gas-soaked rag and a container of fuel, but the sheriff and his deputies entered the building with fire extinguishers and stopped him.  Jarnigan says no one was hurt and the situation ended peacefully.