Former Sneedville waste water head sentenced in illegal dumping case

     The former manager of the Sneedville Sewer Department waste water treatment plant was sentenced this week to

15 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Leon Jordan.

     50 year old Kenneth Rhea has been in federal custody since late

November 2017.  Rhea was charged in a separate case of attempted second degree

murder in a case involving his former live-in girlfriend.

     He recently plead guilty to one count of making illegal discharges and

22 counts of making false statements involving the Clean Water Act for

falsifying monthly reports required by the state’s Department of Environment

and Conservation. Under Rhea’s direction, the waste water was released into the Clinch River illegally

as they dumped untreated sewage into the river over a 17-month period

beginning in December 2012.