$1 Million grant to benefit Morristown

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe, Senator Steve Southerland, and Representative Rick Eldridge announced today that the City of Morristown will receive a Site Development Grant totaling $1 million.

The Site Development Grant program is part of the larger Rural Economic Opportunity Act supported by the legislature for the last three years. The grants are intended to help rural communities overcome barriers to Select Tennessee site certification and prepare them to receive an economic development project that creates jobs.

The City of Morristown will use the grant funds for grading to prepare a 1 million square foot building site known as the East Tennessee Progress Center.

Senator Southerland and Representative Eldridge said that they are grateful to, “our city officials and to our chamber members who worked together to make this project a reality.” They also expressed their gratitude to Governor Lee and to Commissioner Rolfe for, “their support of this important investment in our local economy. These funds will enable our area to attract more high quality jobs and to improve our standard of living.”