Hillcrest Elementary ”Portraits of Pride” nominees deadline is March 22

Hillcrest Elementary will be conducting its annual Portraits of Pride recognition ceremony during the Fifth Grade Honors Day program at 9:30 a.m., May 15, 2019.  
Nomination applications may be picked up and delivered to the Hillcrest office or mailed to the school postmarked by March 22, 2019.  The nomination form can also be downloaded from the school website and returned to the school office, or it can be completed and submitted online.  Once the deadline has passed, nomination forms will be reviewed, and a vote will be taken.  


Hillcrest Portraits of Pride applicants may include: alumni, former faculty members, or contributors.  The two chosen applicants have made a difference in their chosen line of work, have been recognized by their achievements and accomplishments, and have gone on to have very successful careers.


Applications will remain on file for three years.  Applications can be resubmitted after the three-year time constraint is up.


Hillcrest is proud of the young men and women that have come through our school.  We want to show our appreciation and honor the individuals who have made a positive impact and/or worthy contribution to our school and community.