Morristown East: WCRK Radio/Allstate Good Hands Player of the Game winners

The “Allstate Good Hands Player of the Game” award is brought to you by Allstate agent Danny Mills.  The winners receive a free 4-corner pizza from Jet’s Pizza in Morristown!

11/27: vs. Science Hill

Girls: Sable Burnside            Boys: Cameron Rymer

11/30: vs. Morristown West

Girls: Sable Burnside            Boys: David Ellison

12/4: at Seymour

Girls: Abbie Creech               Boys: Cameron Rymer

12/7: vs. Jefferson County

Girls: Sarah King                   Boys: Jared Rohrer

12/14: at South Doyle

Girls: Devasia Kyle                Boys: Connor Jordan

12/17: vs. Greeneville

Girls: KeiAndra Harper         Boys: Cameron Rymer

1/4: at Cocke County

Girls: KeiAndra Harper         Boys: Micah Simpson

1/8: vs. Sevier County

Girls: Devasia Kyle                 Boys: David Ellison

1/11: at Morristown West

Girls: Sable Burnside             Boys: Connor Jordan

1/15: vs. Seymour

Girls: KeiAndra Harper         Boys: Mason Johns

1/18: at Jefferson County

Girls: Shakia Howard             Boys: David Ellison

1/25: vs. South Doyle

Girls: Katelyn Harper            Boys: Braden Ilic

2/1: vs. Cocke County

Girls: Abby Wright                 Boys: Cameron Rymer

2/5: at Sevier County

Girls: Reese Forester             Boys: Micah Simpson

2/7: at Greeneville

Girls: Sable Burnside             Boys: Connor Jordan

2/12: vs. Cocke County (IMAC District Tournament – 2nd Round)

Girls: Jania Hill

2/15: vs. Morristown West (IMAC District Tournament – Semifinals)

Girls: KeiAndra Harper

2/15: vs. South Doyle (IMAC District Tournament – Semifinals)

Boys: Braden Ilic

2/16: vs. Jefferson County (IMAC District Tournament – Consolation Game)

Girls: Sarah King

2/16: vs. Sevier County (IMAC District Tournament – Championship)

Boys: Braden Ilic

2/22: at Science Hill (Region Tournament – Quarterfinals)

Girls: KeiAndra Harper

2/23: vs. Daniel Boone (Region Tournament – Quarterfinals)

Boys: Cameron Rymer