Baseball: IMAC Standings, Schedules and Scores

                          IMAC   W-L         OVERALL   W-L

Sevier County                  9-1                                   19-5

Seymour                          8-1                                    16-8

Morristown West           6-4                                    15-11

South Doyle                     6-5                                   10-11

Morristown East             5-5                                   10-13

Jefferson County            1-9                                      7-15

Cocke County                  0-10                                   7-15


IMAC games in BOLD.



Jefferson County 3-1 Morristown East

Morristown West 6-0 Cocke County


Morristown East 6-5 Jefferson County

Morristown West 9-5 Cocke County

Seymour 11-1 South Doyle

Pigeon Forge 10-6 Sevier County


South Doyle 4-3 Cookeville

Greeneville 11-1 Jefferson County


Morristown West 10-0 South Greene

Morristown West 12-2 Knox Central

Knox Catholic 4-0 Morristown East

Jefferson County 12-2 Cherokee

Cocke County 12-0 Washburn

Grace Christian 11-7 Seymour

Sevier County 9-3 Murfreesboro Central Magnet


Morristown West 9-8 David Crockett

Tennessee High 9-5 Morristown East

Morristown East 9-8 Grainger

Greeneville at Jefferson County

South Doyle 14-3 Cherokee

Karns 14-2 Cocke County

Oak Ridge 7-6 Sevier County

Gibbs 12-5 Seymour


Morristown West 5-1 Grainger

Morristown West 7-3 Tennessee High

Daniel Boone 8-2 Morristown East

Jefferson County 8-6 Oak Ridge

Cocke County 11-0 Cosby

Halls 12-2 Jefferson County

White County 3-1 South Doyle

Cookeville 11-4 Sevier County

Sevier County 9-4 Gibbs

Seymour 6-5 Alcoa

Murfreesboro Central Magnet 12-8 Seymour


Seymour 6-4 Morristown East

Sevier County 7-1 Morristown West

South Doyle 2-1 Jefferson County

Grainger at Cocke County


Morristown East 1-0 Seymour

Morristown West 6-4 Sevier County

South Doyle 6-1 Jefferson County


Pigeon Forge at Seymour

Knox Central 15-4 South Doyle

Sevier County 7-5 East Robertson


Morristown East 17-7 Karns

Science Hill 7-5 Morristown West

Cocke County at Chuckey-Doak

Arab (AL) at Sevier County

Halls 16-11 South Doyle


Jefferson County 7-6 Cherokee

William Blount 4-3 Seymour

Oak Ridge 14-11 Cocke County

Karns 7-2 Sevier County


Russellville (AL) 17-6 Morristown West


Sevier County 12-2 Morristown East 

Phil Campbell (AL) 8-7 Morristown West

Seymour 5-3 Jefferson County

South Doyle 10-0 Cocke County


Sevier County 5-2 Morristown East

Seymour 10-2 Jefferson County

South Doyle 13-1 Cocke County

Morristown West 6-5 Amos Alonzo Stagg (AL)

Morristown West 14-2 Dale County (AL)


Morristown East 9-7 Unicoi

Powell 9-1 Jefferson County

Jefferson County 4-1 Greenbrier East (WV)

Cocke County at South Greene

Seymour 6-5 Marshall County

Seymour 15-0 Independence (WV)

Oak Ridge 7-5 South Doyle


Tennessee High 9-8 Morristown East

Jefferson County 16-4 South Greene

Cocke County 5-4 Cumberland County

Seymour 4-3 Knox Webb

South Doyle 8-7 Karns

Sevier County 15-5 Clarksville NE


Gate City (VA) 9-3 Morristown East

Seymour 13-10 McMinn County

Bearden at Sevier County


Morristown East 14-1 Cocke County

Morristown West 4-3 Jefferson County

Sevier County 4-2 South Doyle


Morristown East 9-0 Cocke County

Morristown West 15-3 Jefferson County

Sevier County 9-6 South Doyle


Morristown East 6-4 Daniel Boone

Knox Catholic 2-1 Morristown West

Knox Central 5-3 Jefferson County

Knox Webb 13-0 Jefferson County

Cocke County 10-8 Union County

Sevier County 12-1 Knox Halls

Seymour vs. William Blount at ETSU

Tennessee High 5-3 Seymour


Morristown East 11-5 David Crockett

Hardin Valley 9-5 Morristown West

Cocke County at Northview Academy

Anderson County 4-3 South Doyle

Seymour 7-0 Sullivan East

Sevier County 4-3 Knox Webb


Greeneville 13-1 Morristown East

Knox Catholic 13-6 Morristown East

Morristown West 11-0 Sullivan South

Jefferson County 6-5 Union County

Cocke County 14-2 Cosby

Halls 12-4 South Doyle

Seymour 6-5 Science Hill

Karns 9-8 Seymour

Sevier County 11-3 Sequatchie County


Seymour 5-4 Morristown West

Seymour 7-4 Morristown West

Sevier County 16-3 Cocke County

Sevier County 12-2 Cocke County


South Doyle 3-1 Morristown East

Jefferson County at Knox Catholic

Sevier County 12-2 Cherokee


Morristown East 9-5 South Doyle

Science Hill 2-1 Morristown West

Carter 4-0 Cocke County

South Doyle at Gibbs


Greeneville 6-5 Morristown East

Morristown West 5-3 Karns

Clinton 9-8 Cocke County

Seymour 5-4 Gibbs

Sevier County at University School


Morristown East vs. Cincinnati Elder at Cardinal Park

Christ School (NC) 13-4 Morristown West

Tennessee High 10-0 Jefferson County

South Doyle 15-9 Karns

Christian Family Academy (NC) 5-1 Seymour

Sevier County 14-4 David Crockett

Sevier County 16-4 Sullivan South


Morristown West 5-0 South Doyle

Seymour 15-0 Cocke County

Sevier County 9-0 Jefferson County


South Doyle 2-0 Morristown West

Seymour 13-0 Cocke County

Sevier County 10-7 Jefferson County


Morristown East at Maryville

Morristown East vs. Houston at Maryville High School

Elizabethton at Jefferson County

Northview Academy at Cocke County

Seymour at Karns

Sevier County at Pigeon Forge


Morristown East at Bearden

Morristown East at CAK

Morristown West vs. TBD at Farragut

Morristown West vs. TBD at Maryville

Jefferson County at Elizabethton

Sullivan South at Cocke County

Union County at Cocke County

South Doyle vs. Walker Valley at Sevier County

Seymour vs. Greenback at Farragut

Seymour vs. Houston at Farragut

Pikeville (KY) at Sevier County


Morristown West vs. Cleveland at Hardin Valley

Morristown West vs. TBD at Hardin Valley

South Doyle vs. Loudon at Sevier County

Jefferson County at Unicoi

Seymour vs. Cleveland at Hardin Valley


Jefferson County at Cocke County

Sevier County at Seymour


Cocke County at Jefferson County

Seymour at Sevier County


South Doyle at Carter


Morristown West at Morristown East (WCRK Radio)

Jefferson County vs. Dobyns-Bennett at Smokies Park

South Doyle at Heritage

Cocke County at West Greene


Morristown East at Morristown West (WCRK Radio)

Cocke County at Science Hill

Sevier County at Walker Valley


Anderson County at South Doyle

Jefferson County at Northview Academy


Seymour at South Doyle

Morristown West at Knox Catholic

Cocke County at Cherokee


Morristown East at Dobyns-Bennett

Greeneville at Morristown West

Knox West at Cocke County

Union County at Jefferson County






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