Tennessee cell phone driving law goes into effect Monday

The Morristown Police Department would like to remind all motorists that on July 1st, Tennessee is going hands free.

On July 1st, motorists will no longer be allowed to hold and use a cell phone while driving on any street in Tennessee.

According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study for 2017, over 3,100 individuals died nationwide as a direct result of distracted driving with almost 600 being individuals that were not in a vehicle, such as pedestrians.

Tennessee State law does allow the use of cell phones in hands free mode. Also, should anyone need to call 911 to report any emergency such as a traffic crash or DUI, those calls are allowed.

Officers of the Morristown Police Department realize that this will require drivers to change habits and will work patiently with drivers in our community to aid in a smooth transition of driving habits.

As we prepare to go hands free in July, this law was enacted to save lives from the dangers of distracted driving, and together, we can work to accomplish this goal.