No student data exposed in suspected hacking case

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission announced Friday that no student information was compromised when unauthorized server access occurred on a state vendor’s system last month.

On July 17, Graduation Alliance, the state vendor that provides data and web-hosting support for, notified THEC that unauthorized access may have happened due to unusual server traffic. The data housed on the impacted servers contained some Tennessee student information, but did not include any Social Security numbers, financial, driver’s license, or health information.

After receiving notification from the vendor, THEC began a collaborative investigation in concert with all state agency stakeholders and the vendor.

Upon completion of the forensic investigation, conclusive results indicate that no student information was exposed and that a technical breach of the data did not occur.

Students may resume use of the website for college and career planning in September. THEC has established a toll-free number that students and parents may call, 800-342-1663, for additional information.