Newport plant announces closure

(WNPC) Conagra officials Wednesday issued a statement announcing the closure of the it’s Newport plant in January, 2021.

Terah Fox, Communications Manager for the firm said employees of the plant were notified this morning. “These changes will allow us to optimize our expanded network, which grew upon our acquisition of Pinnacle Foods last year. We explored a variety of options and have determined that this decision will allow the company to increase efficiencies within the larger scope of our company. We regularly review operating costs across the business in an effort to become more lean, efficient and productive. This is a routine exercise that includes every facility in our network. As is always the case when we make a decision like this, we have the utmost consideration for our employees and how they will be affected. It is important to us that we treat impacted employees fairly and with a high degree of respect. ” The Newport plant which packages food products and also staffs a warehouse recently underwent a consolidation.

In 2006 the firm announced it would construct a new plant in Fort Worth, Texas, and redistribute it’s production of canned bean, chili and pasta products from six other plants including Newport. An online site places the plant’s employment at 514, however Fox says the local plant currently has an estimated 350 employees.