WCRK Radio – Morristown East basketball/Jet’s Pizza player of the game award winners

Each basketball broadcast, the “Voice of the Hurricanes ” Mike Rypel will name a “Jet’s Pizza player of the game” award winner.  The winner receives a free 4-corner pizza from Jet’s in Morristown.  Call Jet’s today at (423) 616-0616!

12/6: (at Morristown West)

Girls: Finley Surber                  Boys: Shaffer Harville

12/13: (at Jefferson County)

Girls: Noelle Cox                       Boys: Braden Ilic

1/7: (vs. South Doyle)

Girls: Devasia Kyle                    Boys: Cole Henson

1/10: (vs. Cocke County)

Girls: Sable Burnside                Boys: Micah Simpson

1/14: (vs. Sevier County)

Girls: Kierstin Bell                     Boys: Micah Simpson

1/16: (vs. Morristown West)

Girls: Kierstin Bell                     Boys: Cole Henson

1/21: (at Seymour)

Girls: Finley Surber                  Boys: Braden Ilic

1/24: (vs. Jefferson County)

Girls: Devasia Kyle                   Boys: Braden Ilic

1/28: (at South Doyle)

Girls: Sable Burnside                Boys: Ryan Harris

2/7: (at Cocke County)

Girls: Sable Burnside                Boys: Micah Simpson

2/10: (vs. Greeneville)

Girls: Kierstin Bell                     Boys: Cody Ridley

2/13: (at Grainger)

Girls: Megan Winstead             Boys: Shaffer Harville