City to officially start new bus service on February 16

     After years of compelling discussions about establishing a fixed-route bus system in Morristown, the East
Tennessee Human Resources Agency is moving the proposal from the drawing board to the streets.
In cooperation with the City of Morristown, East Tennessee Human Resource Agency, Lakeway Area
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (LAMTPO) and the Tennessee Department of
Transportation, a study was completed for a fixed route bus service within the Morristown Area.
     The study provided a unique opportunity to understand the potential for a fixed route bus service in the
Morristown portion of the urbanized area, and how the service could best meet the growing mobility
needs of the community. Through local stakeholder meetings, public outreach meetings, and reviewing
the potential fixed route areas, three (3) routes were established.
     The three (3) routes, will include bus stops at health-care facilities, shopping destinations, the health
department/library, and public housing. Two (2) of the routes will have one (1) bus that will circulate
approximately once every hour. The third (3rd) route, which runs along West Andrew Johnson Hwy and
East/ West Morris Blvd, will have two (2) buses which means riders will have to wait no longer than 30
minutes for a bus.
     Fares will be $1.50 per trip, with a $0.50 transfer fee if needed. Monthly passes will be $40.00 per month
for unlimited rides. Half Fare Discounts will be available for individuals with disabilities, seniors over the
age of 65, college students (with valid ID), and military veterans.
     The on-call demand-response service will still be available. Fares will be $3.00 per trip for individuals
whose residence is not located on the fixed routes. Anyone requesting the demand response service must
complete an application and be approved for this service. Information can be found at If a person’s application is approved, then they must call 1-833-923-0032 at
least 24 hours in advance in order to schedule a trip.
     The Lakeway Transit Center hub is located at the East Tennessee Human Resources Agency existing
headquarters located at 2800 West Andrew Johnson Highway. The fixed route bus service operations will
be from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday with no fixed route service on Holidays.
The fixed route bus service implementation date is Tuesday, February 16, 2021 and a ribbon cutting is
scheduled for Thursday, March 11, 2021, 10:30 am at the Lakeway Transit Center 2800 West Andrew
Johnson Highway