Jet’s Pizza/WCRK Radio Player of the Game: Baseball/Softball award winners

Every broadcast, Mike Rypel will name the “Jet’s Pizza Player of the Game”.  Each winner is the recipient of a free 4-corner pizza from Jet’s in Morristown.  Give

them a call today at (423) 616-0616!

3/15: (at Seymour)

Spencer Justice

3/16: (vs. Seymour)

Jesse Haase

3/29: (at South Doyle)

Braxton Hanshaw

3/30: (vs. Morristown West – softball)

Randi Drinnon

4/5: (at Cocke County)

Hayden Seal/Lance Fugate

4/6: (vs. Cocke County)

Spencer Justice

4/12: (at Jefferson County)

Luke Dougherty

4/13: (vs. Jefferson County)

Hayden Seal

4/19: (at Sevier County)

Jonah Carden

4/20: (vs. Sevier County)

Braxton Hanshaw

4/27: (at Morristown West – softball)

Hailey Lamb

4/29: (at Morristown West)

Eli Seals

4/30: (vs. Morristown West)

Blake Creech

5/6: (at Jefferson County – IMAC Tournament: 1st Round)

Hunter Thompson

5/8: (at South Doyle – IMAC Tournament: 2nd Round)

Hunter Thompson/Braxton Hanshaw

5/10: (at Morristown West – IMAC Tournament)

Kylie Rader

5/11: (at Morristown West – IMAC Tournament)

Jessica Harris

5/12: (at Jefferson County – IMAC Tournament Championship Game)

Randi Drinnon