God’s Warehouse donations helping thousands

God’s Warehouse Update     from Don Owen:                                                       March 2023

It has been more than a month since our last update and for this we offer our apologies. It certainly is not because there is nothing going on at God’s Warehouse because just the opposite is true. We have been extremely busy working multiple fronts and all of them are major efforts.

Let’s begin with Ukraine Effort

To date a total of 5 containers have been shipped to support the war refugees and two more are ready to be shipped March 24. It has been mind blowing to see how supplies have poured in. Supplies have come in from as far away at Louisiana and Texas and we are presently awaiting a full semi load from Colorado. God truly has blessed in amazing ways through His people. We have had many people send in funds and many more who have stopped by God’s Warehouse to drop of supplies and funds. To each person responding we say THANKS!!

With all these supplies coming in, it dictated we develop a new strategy. That is where our ladies came to the rescue. Our ladies, led by Marilynn Marrow and Bonnie Burnett, have unpacked, sorted, inspected, folded, repacked, and readied for shipment more than 420 crates of supplies so far. Each container we ship is filled with 60 or more crates. All of the work these ladies have done would have been impossible had if not been for the great response from all who have donated the supplies and funding needed to fill and pay for the containers.

Many people have asked how long are we going to continue sending containers filled with these supplies. The answer is “we have no idea”. Our best answer is, “As long as there is a need and God supplies”, we will ship the supplies in hopes the light of God’s love will shine through to those receiving them.

Turkey/Syria Earthquake

This response has been extremely difficult. Why you ask: The reason is because of civil war in Syria and the difficulty of getting supplies through customs and into Turkey and then getting them to our partners across the affected region. However, once again God has made a way. For security reasons we will be unable to give a full report but God opened a door and the supplies are getting through.

To date we have shipped one container and this shipment had food sufficient to feed 100,000 people at least one meal. In addition to the food the shipment contained blankets, personal care packages, tarp, tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies and clothing in sizes for babies to adults. We even included toys for the children, many of whom have been traumatized by the earthquake. This effort will also continue to move forward as to date there is no end in sight for the suffering to end.

Our great partner in Israel, The Joseph Project, has also shipped 4 containers and they too expect to make additional shipments.

Kentucky Flood Report

As incredible as it may seem, on Monday, we will ship our 90th load of supplies to Kentucky to support that effort following the massive flood of July 28th. This next load will be delivered to Jenkins KY by Ronnie Loggans on our semi tractor & trailer loaded with new furniture donated by one of our partners.

The recovery process in Kentucky is going to be a long-haul project in part because of limited employment in that region and compounded by the fact that very little help has been forthcoming from state and federal agencies.

We lately have been blessed with many large food donations and Nona Taylor is ensuring that ample food supplies are earmarked for the Ky flood victims. Also, our great partner Midwest Food Bank is assisting in this area as well. God has a way of always coming through and He uses His people to make it happen. To Him we give Honor, Glory and Praise. He never fails!!

Harvest of Israel

Tim Velie and his team shipped container 92 on February 28th and 93 on March 2nd. They have another container now scheduled to ship March 28th. This will put us on schedule to ship our 100th container by the end of this year. Folks, we are planning a celebration of God’s great blessing. We will keep you in the loop as we get closer to the celebration date.

Disaster Relief Training

As of yesterday, we have completed our 3 classroom Disaster Relief training events for 2023. Yesterday we had to make the hard decision to postpone the Hands-On training scheduled for today (Saturday) due to weather conditions. We will be rescheduling this Hands-On event soon at Camp Carson and it will include Bucket Truck A & B, Chainsaw and Skid-steer.

We recently received confirmation why keeping our training, as well as our equipment, up to date and in working order. The recent local windstorm allowed 22 of our volunteer members to assemble and remove a massive maple tree that inflicted heavy damaged to a Morristown home. The project was completed in five and one half hours.

In Closing

The 7 ministries housed at God’s Warehouse serves one purpose, to bring Help, Hope and Healing to those hurting and who are in need. It is managed and operated 100% by volunteers. We hope, if God lays it on your heart, you also will come join us. You can be a part by volunteering, praying or by giving financially. We often say, God’s Warehouse is the church at work. Join us and see what a blessing you can be locally, nationally and around the world.

We are located at 3441 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy here in Morristown.

Don Owen

God’s Warehouse Ministries